To Di2 For?

Shimano Di2

To Di2 For?

A question that many cyclists are asking themselves is; “Do I move to Di2? Is it worth it?”

Well, first hurdle, the cost. It’s not cheap. It’s more than double the cost of the equivalent mechanical group, so maybe the cash should go into better wheels, a new Rapha outfit or a Cyclespeed holiday in Majorca!

But if you do have a wedge burning a hole in your pocket and you want perfect shifting what can you expect?

With the new internal batteries and Di2 ready frames, the first thing you notice is the clean look. You can really tuck all the cables away, and there is hardly anything visible. Very nice, very aero.2015-05-03 10.59.40

Then weight; the DA 9070 group is actually a touch lighter than the mechanical group. Mainly due to the shifters being almost ’empty’; there is a just 2 tiny switches in there.

Shifts are fast and effortless. Every shift is perfect, every time. No questions, no doubts. It means you shift more, and are in the right gear more often. You can even tailor your shift speed and how many gears you can shift in one go. Or which lever does what. Very customizable.

Battery life is excellent, usually lasting well over a month even for a keen rider. A recharge takes just over an hour.

Auto-trim; Di2 will auto trim the front derailleur for you, so no more rubbing chain. And that electric whir noise is kind of cool too….

You can even have the gear position displayed on your Garmin, as well as battery life in %, and even a trim screen if you want to trim a derailleur whilst riding.

So that’s the good. How about the bad? Well, if a problem appears, and they can do, VERY few bike shops know how to fix it, so you need to brush up on your electronics….

Secondly, if you forget that battery, you will lose your front derailleur, and you then have about 50 – 100 shifts on the rear before you become a singlespeed…..

Thirdly, er, can’t think of a thirdly.

So all in all, it’s pricey, but it’s worth it. I reckon it’s improved my cycling, maybe even made me a touch faster?! Take the plunge!



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