Mallorca and Cycling in Mallorca

Steeped in history and sunshine, the best way to discover this beautiful island is by bike.

Mallorca is the largest Balearic island, mountainous in the West, and flatter in the East. A cycling paradise.

Mallorca is something of an enigma; synonymous with low quality package tours for many years, it is seeking to reinvent itself and move away from mass tourism and concentrate on the beauty and heritage of the island.

Because despite Magaluf and the strip down Alcudia, beauty is there in spades. You only have to cycle the road from Andratx to Soller to absorb some of it; steep cliffs with views out to a topaz sea, and a winding, pretty road that goes through untouched villages perched on the cliff edge or nestled in small bays.

There is a strong sense of culture here too, with Mallorquins proud of their multi-faceted heritage. You can see this in the Old Town of Palma where the architecture has North African influences dating back to the 12th century and has seen input from the English, French and Italians.

The food is the same blend of cultures although keeping it’s core Spanish origins. The huge variety of delicious tapas on offer is evidence of this.

And the weather; mild sunny winters, and perfect springs and autumns – just the thing for cycling when the weather turns in Northern Europe. Don’t try ridingĀ in mid-summer; it’s too hot!

Come cycling in Mallorca; a must for any cyclist.

``Out of season, Mallorca devotes itself to the cyclist; a symbiosis that works.``

Mallorca and Palma photos courtesy of Christophe Travaux